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Bitsy’s Bait & BBQ by Pamela Morsi

I really enjoyed this romantic chick-lit story. Call it a guilty pleasure, but it was the perfect sit in the sun on a Saturday read. Interesting, well-developed quirky characters and an interesting plot line. Even though I could see how certain things would be resolved it was just a pleasure to read.

Emma Collins accompanies her sister Katy, and five year old nephew to the Ozarks to help Katy set up the B&B she purchased on ebay with her divorce settlement. However, when they arrive they discover B&B means Bait & BBQ. However, Katy decides to stay and make a go of creating a life and community for her and her son in Warbler Lake, Missouri. So Emma stays as well and together they get the place going. But Katy’s ex mother-in-law wants her son to renegotiate the custody agreement, so when they breeze into town, everyone learns about family, faith and friendship.


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Doggie Day Care Murder by Lauren Berenson

Another entry into the Melanie Travis Mystery Series.

I enjoy this light mystery series which features Melanie Travis as an amateur sleuth, usually solving something to do with dogs, as she shows Standard Poodles and her aunt is a champion breeder and dog show judge.

This novel didn’t disappoint with its breezy, easy story. Melanie investigates the death of the owner of a doggie day care facility. Not much character development, except for Aunt Peg teaching Melanie’s son Davey how to show dogs (and enter the Junior Showmanship category). But this was a quick read and an ok entry into the series.

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Just a Taste by Deirdre Martin

The latest from this author (see my post on Chasing Stanley for why I like these books). And the last of the vacation books.

This features Anthony Dante and new the the neighborhood French chef Vivi. When Vivi begins plans to open a cozy French bistro across the street from Dante’s she tries to be friendly and introduce herself to the Dante family. But sparks fly between her and Anthony as they bicker about who’s the better chef and what ingredients are actually in a dish. What will happen when they get spicy outside the kitchen?

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The Gift of a Year by Mira Kirshenbaum

Subtitled: How to achieve the most meaningful, satisfying, and pleasureable year of your life.

I read a book by this author awhile ago and liked her style, so I decided to pick up some others by her. This is written in her same practical style, full of specific and doable things to create this “gift of a year.” Which is really just about woman making time for themselves and reconnecting with their sense of self. An intersting premise and I can see how it would be helpful to women who feel they’ve lost a piece of themselves but it didn’t really apply to me.

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More Than This by Margo Candela

Learned about this new book via a review and since it was a romance, threw it in for the vacation reading.

It’s an interesting premise. Rich socialite Evelyn Sinclair, and laywer Alexander Velazquez live and work in San Francisco and have several close encounters but don’t actually¬†meet. Instead they can see each other through their office windows, and occasionally on the street or the bus. The novel alternates their voices, and the ending really brings it all together.

Quite an enjoyable read.

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Chasing Stanley by Deidre Martin

I discovered this author on another vacation and was drawn to the romances because the first one featured a hockey player and a public relations exec. Two of my favorite careers. In a romance. What a fun read. Anyway, the author has produced a few more of these and¬†the stories center around either a New York Blades hockey player or a member of the Dante family. So the other thing I like about these is that the characters from other stories usually make appearances so you can kinda keep up on how they’re doing. Love that.

This story didn’t disappoint – a quick, easy to read, fun, love story.

Dog trainer Delilah Gould spots a rambunctious Newfoundland disobeying his master and steps in to help. There she meets pro hockey player Jason Mitchell, who’s just moved to New York. As Delilah begins to train his dog, she also finds a way into his heart.

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Nantucket Nights by Elin Hilderbrand

Another author I like, and since her stuff is all set on Nantucket I thought it’d be the perfect vacation read.

This is her second book (for some reason I forgot to pack the first one – doesn’t matter the setting is the only commonality) and tells the story of three friends who meet once a year to share secrets and swim under the stars. On this night Antoinette disappears and suddenly Kayla discovers more secrets than she’s prepared for. It’s a novel of friendships, secrets, and betrayl.

This is a quick read for me, and I’d classify it as just ok. The story line stretches its credibility a little bit, but I did like the characters and I think the author’s real strength is in describing the Nantucket islands.

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