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Classic Crave: Happiness Sold Separately by Lolly Winston

I enjoyed this author’s first book Good Grief so I picked this up when it was new in August 2006.

After two years of infertility treatments Elinor and Ted aren’t conceiving. Elinor is depressed and withdrawn. Ted joins a gym and begins an affair with Gina. Elinor finds out. They separate. Then Gina’s son moves in with her and becomes attached to Ted, who begins tutoring him in math. Now what will happen between Elinor and Ted and Ted and Gina?

I think Lolly Winston writes real characters and I thought Elinor’s friendship with her neighbor was well depicted and rang true. The point of view shifts in each chapter. The ending has a sense of hope and ties up most of the loose ends.


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Classic Crave: The Love Season by Elin Hilderbrand

This was the first Elin Hilderbrand novel I read, and if you’re a regular reader you know this summer I read more by her. She’s always great for a vacation read.

Renata, 19, wants to learn about her mother, who died 14 years earlier. Marguerite, a former chef of a culinary hotspot on Nantucket, is Renata’s godmother and was her mother’s best friend and holds the answers Renata seeks.

As Marguerite prepares for the meal – meeting old friends and reminicing about her life before Candace’s death – Renata goes about her day -making decisions which will alter her future.

This is a quick enjoyable read with believable characters. There is suspense about why Marguerite feels responsible for Candace’s death that keeps the reader interested.  It’s also a sad, bittersweet tale and shocking when you discover why Marguerite can’t taste. And the last line is quite haunting.

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Classic Crave: My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

We read this in July 2006 for book group.

Anna was born as a genetic match to Kate, who has leukemia. Anna’s cord blood puts Kate into remission for six years, then the doctors do a bone marrow transplant and Kate is in remission again. However, now 16, Kate has kidney failure and Anna hires Campbell to legally have her medically emancipated so she can refuse to be Kate’s donor again. The story takes place during one week, with flashbacks provided by their mom and chapters are told from alternating points of view.

I love Jodi Picoult and this was the first book I read by her and I still think it’s her best. This is an excellent book, well-written, but be prepared with a box of tissues when you read it as it’s sad. And with all Jodi Picoult books, there’s an ending twist you don’t see coming.

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The Cluetrain Manifesto by Rick Levine

I’m late to the game on this book too – which was published in 2001 and began as a website, talking about how the Internet is changing business.

I found it interesting and thought provoking, and while the Internet has changed a lot since this was published, the basic premise of the book does hold up.

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Knit Two by Kate Jacobs

It makes me so happy when a sequel doesn’t disappoint me. I enjoyed Knit Two. It was so lovely to reunite with characters I adored in The Friday Night Knitting Club.

It’s been five years, and the updates of the characters lives were perfect, I especially loved the anticipation of the first chapter, where the author introduces each character and you have to guess who the party’s guest of honor is.

Just a fun read.

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Classic Crave: 52 Fights: a newlywed’s confession by Jennifer Jeanne Patterson

Newlywed’s Jennifer and Matt really love each other, but who knew that in his family Saturday’s were for tackling chores, while in her family Saturdays were for sleeping late? Week by week Jennifer chronicles the disagreements and negotiations that occur during this first year. She also explores how a single gal, who rejects the housewife stereotype, reconciles her feelings, attitudes and behavior about being a wife.

I really enjoyed this book because I could relate to it. I liked the short “vignette” style chapters, and how each one included good advice for conducting yourself in a marriage. (or really in any relationship where you’re living together.)

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Twelve Long Months by Brian Malloy

A good young adult novel. It’s a coming of age story, a fish out of water story and more.

Molly moves from Wisconsin to attend Columbia. Her high school crush, Mark is also in NYC. The 12 months in the title refer to the year it takes Molly to get over Mark. I loved the friendship of Molly’s new friends and I thought the author realistically portrayed the life of a college senior and coming into you own.

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