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Get Motivated by Tamara Lowe

subtitled: overcome any obstacle, achieve any goal and accelerate your success with motivational DNA.

I liked the author’s explanation of the six factors which motivate you and related to my type, as revealed by the quiz in the book. The author’s chatty tone was pleasant at first, but I found it more grating as the book went on. I skipped the section on motivating kids since I don’t have any and thought had an odd placement in the book.

It’s an interesting premise and definitely worth a skim.


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Shadows of the Canyon by Tracie Peterson

Had to read this for my book group. Our topic this month was Inspirational Fiction and we each read one. I actually listened to this on audiobook. It was ok. I thought I’d like this history and the mystery but really it was too contrived for me.

Working as a Harvey Girl at the luxury resort of El Tovar, located on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Alexandra Keegan feels she is in a dream come true. But when her father’s indiscretions come to light and her mother is suspected of murder, Alex finds herself the center of some unwelcome attention. Will she soon find herself alone in the world?

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The Stepmother by Carrie Adams

When I picked up this book I originally thought it’d be a cute light chick-lit novel to get me through the week. Instead I got more – what I consider smart girl chick-lit. The character actions rang true for me and it’s a fairly good portrayal of the work of relationships and complications of a “blended” family.

Tessa is in love with James, but with him comes three daughters and an ex-wife, Bea. The story is told from alternating viewpoints of the women and its nice to get both sides to the story and you end up rooting for both Tessa and Bea.

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No Survivors by Tom Cain

This is the sequel to Accident Man which I enjoyed last year.

And this novel did not suffer from a sophomore slump at all. It was taut, action packed and just as suspenseful as the first one.

Samuel Carver is an assassin, who makes things look like accidents. He’s been in a sanitarium, broken and damaged since September. But when his devoted lover, the Russian Spy Alix Petrova is forced to leave Carver for the dark world of her former employers, Carver begins to emerge as his former self.

I can’t wait for the next one. . . for me Sam Carver is the new Bourne.

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The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly

subtitled: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose

Short chapters. Good information. Much of it we know, but forget we know.
The first chapter – Everything is a choice – resonated with me, since I have a whole soapbox I can get on about choices. And how you always have a choice. But when we get caught up in the muck and business we forget things sometimes.

I like the concept of life having a rhythm instead of balance. I liked the short chapters and practical words of wisdom.

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The Cradle by Patrick Somerville

A short book, telling the two stories of a man’s search for his wife’s childhood cradle and a woman who gave her son up for adoption. The two narratives are set 10 years apart and the resolution comes quickly.

An odd little story.

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Population: 485 by Michael Perry

Since I was a big fan of Perry’s book Truck, I knew I had to read this one, and while it took me time to get into, I really enjoyed it. And the last chapter brought tears to my eyes. The subtitle is: meeting your neighbors one siren at a time.

A well-written description of place and an honest look at being a volunteer firefighter. In fact, I’m recommending it to a few family members who are firefighters.

Just a good read.

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